Accurate Tooling

Website Design Project

Accurate Tooling Solutions operates in the custom tooling solutions arena with a niche focus on providing custom tooling solutions for the aerospace industry. 

Challenge: The biggest challenge was to bring together the capabilities of Accurate Tooling’s new facility in a way that didn’t dilute its unique value proposition of expertise and accuracy.

Approach: Conduct a competitive analysis to understand the aerospace tooling industry’s competitive landscape fully. Use the data from my research to create a robust messaging strategy that would give Accurate Tooling a competitive edge. Create website prototypes and user test the UX, then create a new visual design for Accurate Tooling.

The Research

I worked with Accurate Tooling’s senior management to compile a list of top competitors. Once the list was vetted, I conducted a website competitor analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Accurate Tooling’s competitors and created a new messaging strategy for the new website.

Competitor Analysis – Link

Messaging Strategy – Link

The Architecture

Research-based architecture is the foundation of great design and UX. I used the findings from the competitive analysis to create a set of website prototypes that were reviewed and user-tested before designing the final website.

The Design

The design for this project represents the culmination of a well-crafted color palette that projects elegance and geometric shapes that convey aspects of the tooling process. These items and bold imagery work together to create a visually compelling design.

The Outcome

The sales team at Accurate Tooling was able to use the new site to attract new potential customers via email marketing campaigns that drove recipients to specific areas of interest on the new site.