AIM Computer

Website Design Project

AIM Computer Solutions is a top provider of ERP software technology designed to help manage the operations of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

Challenge: The most significant challenge was to understand the nuances of AIM’s product offerings and how these products helped position AIM’s unique value proposition in the marketplace.


  • Conduct interviews with business stakeholders to help understand product offerings
  • Work with the sales team to understand and create buyer personas
  • Conduct competitive analysis to help position AIM in the marketplace

The Research

Most of my research for this project was meeting with business stakeholders to understand ERP software’s intricacies fully. Once I understood the product offerings, I worked with the sales team to create user personas and conduct competitive analyses.

User Persona – Link

Competitor Analysis – Link

The Architecture

The architecture for the site was designed to provide quick access to the three leading solutions offered by AIM, highlight the services that accompany the products, tell the brand story of AIM, and provide quick access to technical docs such as case studies.

The Design

The colors and elements chosen for the final design were created to break the mold of the traditional approach being used by AIM’s competitors. With well-crafted architecture in place, the goal was to provide a new and refreshing look not found in this industry.

The Outcome

A few months after the launch of the new site, website traffic patterns were studied, and it was apparent that the research efforts, combined with the final design, provided an excellent experience for AIM’s current and potential customers. I noticed deep engagement with AIM’s product offerings, critical white papers, and case study downloads.