Geoff McMahen Music

Website Design Project

Geoff McMahen Music is a personal website project used to showcase my latest songs and YouTube videos.

Challenge: The most significant challenge was to design a music site that breaks the mold of the traditional artist site by including unique colors, bold fonts, and animated elements that bring a unique identity to each track.

Approach: I researched various animated elements on design agency websites and audio player options. Additionally, I explored different design layout approaches to create a quick and easy way for users to play the latest tracks quickly.

The Research

The bulk of my research centered around audio players and animated widgets. I wanted to provide listeners with an audio option that was simple without sacrificing function and intertwining animated widgets that could be used to give each track character.

Audio Player Options – Link

Best Skill-Set Widgets – Link

The Design

The design features a quick and straightforward way for users to play each track on the home page or visit a unique page for each track if more detail for a specific track is desired. I included details such as BPM and Key Signature for each song to speak to instrumental guitarists and fans of instrumental guitar music.

The Outcome

Since the launch of this site in the Summer of 2022, I have effectively marketed and promoted each track individually across social media platforms via the track detail pages. The site now serves as an additional platform to promote YouTube music videos.