Mode Seven

Website Design Project

Mode Seven is a personal project slated to launch later this year. The project is geared toward the beginner and intermediate-level guitarist seeking a simple and effective way of understanding and applying the music modes.

Challenge: Provide guitarists with a set of graphics, videos, and lessons that is simple, intuitive, and easy to apply quickly. The end-user must be able to promptly identify how Mode Seven assets differ from traditional music theory instructional assets that are often difficult to understand.

Approach: I took a new approach to this project and began by creating a persona for the end user and the brand itself. Once the personas were complete, I used this information to create digital assets for the brand logo, mode cards, and the website. I also made a poster that will work cohesively with the digital assets to provide users with a robust experience.

The Reseach

There is no shortage of information on the music modes. My research sessions were intended to examine some of the presentation and explanation methods used by other sources.

Modes: How to enrich your songs with modal color – Link

Modes: What are they, and how do I use them – Link

The Personas

The personas for this project are still in progress and are a bit of an experiment. I wanted to create a persona for the end user and the brand. My rationale for this approach is to create a tighter alignment between the user and the brand by treating the brand as a persona.

The Logo

The shape of a guitar pick influences the inspiration for the form of this logo, and the figure in the middle of the logo is controlled by the fret markers on a guitar neck. My rationale for this direction is based on keeping the symbolism related to the guitar aspects of music modes and music theory.

The Poster

The modes poster shown here was designed specifically for the Phrygian mode. This is one in a series of seven digital and physical posters available to end users. Each poster contains a unique QR code corresponding to a YouTube playlist with content specific to each mode.

The Mode Cards

The mode cards are a digital asset created from this project’s logo sessions. I wanted to create a unique concept for each mode that combines color with bespoke fonts. The mode cards will be used as identifiers for YouTube videos and other assets.

The Design

This is the hero image for the mode seven website. The design contains the primary logo with specialized treatment to provide impact within the hero image. The tagline was created to emphasize the limitless possibilities of mode-focused musical creation.