Outcome Digital

Website Design Project

Outcome Digital was a startup UX and Digital Marketing podcast that brought listeners the latest industry news, tips, and tricks. The brand was formed by a team of respective marketers, designers, and branding experts to provide category-based relative content.

Challenge: The biggest challenge was designing the website as a stand-alone promotional item while working with other cloud-based podcast platforms.

Approach: I benchmarked various other podcast sites to study how the site was used to promote the brand and also how the site was being used in conjunction with cloud platforms such as iTunes.

The Research

The research for this project focused on two objectives – studying the web presence of other successful podcasts and finding a podcast hosting platform that would enable me to cloak the podcast player with a custom design on the Outcome site.

Soundcloud – Link

Podcast Player – Link

The Architecture

The home page architecture was designed to showcase the latest episodes from all podcast categories dynamically. In contrast, the show pages featured a unique design that used collapsable widgets to give listeners more detail about each show.

The Design

The design utilized imagery and branding elements unique to each podcast category. Interactive features combined with a bold color palette created a genuinely amazing UX in the podcast arena.

The Outcome

The attention to detail with the site architecture and design served the Outcome brand well. Within a relatively short amount of time, the podcast was able to amass a respectably sized audience.