SCM Demolition

Website Design Project

SCM is a provider of engineered demolition services, and this business is also sometimes referred to as controlled implosions. When an old or unsafe structure must be removed to clear land for future development, implosions are sometimes a viable alternative to traditional demolition.

The Research

The user research for this project was acquired by interviewing the owner and operator of SCM. My goal was to learn more about SCM and the demolition business as a whole and more about the sales cycle for potential SCM clients. My research output has been condensed into a bullet list of pain points and must-haves.

Pain Points

The demolition business is widely misunderstood and often underutilized because of this.

Potential clients and land developers don’t always see the real benefits of implosions versus traditional demolition.

SCM needed a method of providing project details and rationale to accompany videos for each project.

Must Haves

A simple design that conveys the value proposition of implosions versus traditional demolition.

A case study approach to critical projects that highlight the result and the rationale and thought process.

An entire gallery of images and videos for each critical project.

The Architecture

The Design