Service Steel

Website Design Project

Founded in September 1920, Service Steel has been a leader in steel tubing distribution and fabrication since the early days of the Ford Model T. 

Challenge: The most significant challenge was showcasing all of Service Steel’s product offerings while focusing on its unique fabrication services. Additionally, a second objective of highlighting the unique service offerings of each of the five Service Steel locations was important.

Approach: Conduct a competitive analysis to understand the steel tubing industry’s competitive landscape fully. Use the data from my research to create a compelling website design that ties the product line to fabrication services and build the framework for five unique micro-sites that would be accessible from the main website.

The Research

I worked with the sales team and other members of senior management to compile a list of competitors, gather information to create customer personas, and create a new messaging strategy for the Service Steel brand.

Competitor Analysis – Link

Customer Personas – Link

Messaging Strategy – Link

The Architecture

The architecture was meticulously planned to include callouts for fabrication services on all product pages. This strategy is maintained throughout the design, with relative page callouts. Data collected from the research sessions were the catalyst for planning effective callout placement.

The Design

A bold color palette with full-screen hero imagery was chosen for the design direction. When combined with the site’s architecture, these elements work to create a rich, easy-to-use experience for Service Steel visitors. These elements are carried through to the micro-sites to provide a unique and localized experience further.

The Outcome

Shortly after the launch of the new website, the sales team reported an increase in fabrication service sales. Additionally, the marketing team created localized marketing campaigns using micro-sites as landing pages.